Assembly Of Standard 4 CBSE (Believe In Your Dreams)

Assembly Of Standard 4 CBSE

Believe In Your Dreams.

Students of Standard 4 CBSE, Don Bosco School, Borivli, held an inspiring class assembly on the theme “Believe in Your Dreams.” The event began with a heartwarming skit depicting the life and teachings of Don Bosco.Following the skit, the students performed a graceful prayer dance, invoking blessings and setting a serene tone for the assembly. This was followed by an engaging act titled “Success is Through Hard Work,” where the students creatively showcased the importance of dedication and effort in achieving one’s goals and highlighted successful people who conquered their dreams.

The highlight of the assembly was a moving skit on the life of Sudha Chandran, illustrating her journey of overcoming adversity and achieving her dreams despite significant challenges. The performance was both touching and motivating, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.The assembly concluded with a grand finale, bringing together all the students in a vibrant and energetic celebration of dreams and aspirations. The event was a resounding success, leaving the audience inspired and hopeful about the power of believing in their dreams. Last but not the least our students were introduced to  our New Rector Father Manuel Murzello  .Also our two new priest Fr.Akhil Abraham and Fr. Evangelo Dsouza Welcome Father’s to our Don Bosco Family.