Fruits and Vegetables Activity

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a child’s growth. It is said that parents and teachers must teach their children about different fruits and vegetables so that they can start appreciating these wonderful things at an early age. We all know that kids tend to get fussy about eating fruits, especially vegetables.

What better way to do that than by making sure they associate them with something fun?

Activities always give great learning experiences for the children.

To make children understand that Fruits and Vegetables are essential components of a healthy diet, a Fruits and Vegetables activity was organised for the children of with the help of volunteer parents.

The objective was to explain the students and teach them the need of fruits and vegetables in their diet.

The parents brought different varieties of fruits and vegetables, also the things that can be made using them.

It was an immense joy seeing the tiny tots enjoy and learn at the same time.

Fr. Principal appreciated the efforts put in by all the parents and teachers for arranging this activity.