Grade 3 Annual Assembly for the Year 2023-2024.

Theme: Hardwork- There is no shortcut to success.

Hardwork is the dedicated effort and determination put into achieving a goal or desired outcome. It is a fundamental principle that highlights the importance of perseverance, consistency and dedication in all aspects of life.This assembly emphasized the significance of hardwork in attaining success and showing why there are no shortcuts to achieving one’s goals.

We started with a beautiful prayer dance asking for God’s blessings.

Students performed an energetic and synchronized dance on the song ‘ Hall of Fame’.

Students also performed a beautiful skit. The skit portrayed a family facing different challenges. They learn that the only way to overcome these challenges is through hardwork, and determination. The skit was inactive beautiful and it gave a  message saying ‘there is no shortcut to success ‘.

Finally the finale of Grade 3,students performed a song by singing ‘Hero’ a motivational song about the value of hardwork and its role in achieving dreams and that a Hero lies within us all.

Let’s continue to work hard  and strive for success.