Mental Health Program for grade 2

[16:38, 6/18/2024] Joelinda D’Silva: Mental awareness seminar for the parents of Grade – 2

Don Bosco School, Borivli hosted a mental awareness seminar specifically designed for the parents of students in Standard 2 on 15th June,2024 by the team members of Prafulta (Centre for Psychological Wellness). The seminar aimed to equip parents with essential knowledge and tools to support their children’s mental well-being.

The seminar began with an introduction to the importance of mental health in early childhood, emphasizing how it impacts overall development, academic performance, and social interactions. Experts in child psychology highlighted common mental health challenges faced by young children, such as anxiety, stress, and emotional regulation issues.

Practical strategies were shared to help parents recognize early signs of mental distress and foster a supportive home environment. Techniques included active listening, open communication, and encouraging a healthy balance between academics and play.

Interactive session allowed parents to ask questions and discuss concerns with mental health professionals. This engagement helped demystify mental health issues and empowered parents to take proactive steps in supporting their children.

Overall, the seminar was a valuable initiative by the principal of Don Bosco School Rev.Fr. Flovi D’Souza to promote mental health awareness among parents, ensuring a supportive community for the holistic development of their students.

[16:40, 6/18/2024] Joelinda D’Silva: Reopening Assembly .