NATIONAL Science Olympiad class toppers 2022


Meritorious ascend the ladder of success.

The former President of India, professor, aerospace engineer shares the four mantras to succeed in life: “I will have great aim; I will continuously acquire knowledge; I will do hard work; and I will persevere and succeed”.

Topping towards excellence are our sincere and intelligent students who have been well trained by the collaborators of Don Bosco high school and Junior college.

They have proved their mantle by taking their school ranking to 1st,2nd and 3rd plave in the National English, Mathematics, General science and Computers respectively .

  Name of the student                                                         School Rank

  1. Fonseca Daniel Leon                                                           1
  2. Tandel Ridaan Richie                                                           1
  3. Avasare Rutvik Prasad                                                        2
  4. Cornelius Joy Terence                                                         3
  5. Marolia Jaisvi sanjay                                                           3
  6. Dsilva Zion Francis Domini                                                 1
  7. Carvalho Kaiden A Wendell Harles Dsilva                          1
  8. Shania Perpetual                                                                1