NEP Preparatory Workshop

Mumbai Province workshop for Nursery & Pre-primary educators.

This workshop was conducted on 19th October 2022, by the teachers of the Pre-primary section Tr. Molita, Tr. Sonali, Tr. Alinda in the A.V. hall. The objectives to this workshop was, how to create a classroom environment where students are engaged and challenged, which helps the students think critically, collaborate and help them develop as independent learners.

The Agenda of the workshop was Essential Agreement – to set the tone for collaboration and teamwork, English Engagements – Maths Engagements and EVS Engagements.

All the above points were elaborated in the form of, Blind story sequencing, Literature circle, Mystery box, Zoom in, Mapping, Math Nature walk.

The teacher enjoyed and learned a lot of different ways to teaching.