Reopening Assembly

Reopening Assembly.

The reopening assembly for the students of Don Bosco CBSE School, Borivli primary section was held on 18th June,2024 which marked the beginning of a new academic year (2024-2025). The program began with warm welcome to students emphasizing the renewal of our commitment to learning and community values.

The assembly opened with a unified recitation of the pledge, affirming our dedication to excellence,respect, and integrity. This was followed by a hymn, “Walking with Jesus”. Followed by Bible reading fromPsalms, highlighting the virtues of love, joy and peace. The Prayer of the Faithful followed, wheretogether the teachers and the students prayed for wisdom, strength, unity, and peace.

The assembly also featured the Nine Tips of St. John Bosco, reminding everyone of the importance ofcheerfulness, diligence, kindness, prayer, honesty, helpfulness, humility, friendship, and simplicity.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of the National Anthem, instilling a sense of pride and unity.This assembly set a positive tone for the year, encouraging all to strive for personal growth andcommunal harmony.