St. Dominic Savio Feast

Celebration of the Feast of St.Dominic Savio.

Our students of the primary section began with the Feast Day  celebrations of Saint Dominic Savio from 3rd July onwards. The celebration continued till the 6th of July, which is also  the Feast Day of St Dominic  Savio.

Our Rector  Rev Fr.Solomon Raphol enlightened us with his  morning talk on monday, 3rd July. He briefed us on  the life of this young Saint, whose feast day we were to celebrate soon.

A few students from std 10 also spoke about this dynamic Saint .They spoke about his life history , his goals, and his vision .The primary section students had a wall hanging  competition on   St Dominic Savio to commemorate this great saint on the 4th of July

On the 6th of July, which is the Feast day  of St Dominc Savio the children began their day with a prayer service , followed by a  coloring competition for std 1 & 2 and a  quiz competition on the life of this saint for std 3 & 4.The winners of the quiz and colouring competition were given congratulations cards and well done cards. The student then enjoyed some games,and they were also thrilled to enjoy a movie session on the same day. The children were given a  snack .The classrooms and soft boards were decorated with  the students’ creativity display . The students enjoyed this special Feast day and also took back home beautiful memories of the same.