Welcome to the First Day of Don Bosco High School (New building)

A new beginning  of Don Bosco High School & Junior College. The new academic year of our school began with enthusiasm and joy . We welcomed our students and reopened school  on 15th June 2023. All the classrooms were  decorated beautifully and creatively by each teacher to welcome their students to a new and an exciting academic year .

The children were thrilled to come to school as they set foot in our  new  school building and their new classrooms for the very first time. We began  school at 9.30 am and the first day  ended at 12 noon. The teachers greeted each student with a welcome badge and a big smile . Our  Rector Fr Solomon Rapol welcomed the students with an inspirational talk and a   welcome note .Our headmistress Mrs Grenita Machado also welcomed our primary students with a small welcome  talk.

The teachers introduced themselves to the new students in class, they also introduced the subject Teachers  who will be teaching them different subjects . The teacher also gave each   student the opportunity to introduced themselves  and the students were indeed glad to do so. The teachers also did a quick  revision of some important concepts . The first day ended on a high note.The students and teachers were thrilled to witness a dream come true moments of finally setting foot in our   new school building.This day will truly be remembered as a day full of memories ,excitement and joy.